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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


·         Dreams, dreamlike states,  hearing voices,  mental illness
·         Having false beliefs perhaps based on evidence which you think is genuine
·         Child believes they’re going home tomorrow
·         Being deceived by a ‘friend’, partner, employer
·         About being attractive, or about being ugly
·         About an admired person, teacher, father/mother,  celebrity
·         Hypnotised, not realising your actions/words are controlled
·         Metaphorically hypnotised by
someone’s charm et al
·         Hitler ordering imaginary armies about
·         Delusion as a target for satire – ‘the big society’, ‘heaven and hell’,  ‘communism’,  ‘romantic love’
·         Alice in Wonderland – fiction or delusion or both?
·         The Wizard of Oz or The Matrix
  • The ‘reality’ of a sport which matters so much to someone

Many stories are based on the development of an illusion which then leads the man character into a situation which then shows them how deluded they were.
The teenager has convinced herself that the boy loves her, but when he asks her out it’s to help him send a message to another girl, the one he really admires.
All too late Othello realises he’s been wrong about his wife.
A person is mocked as a fool for believe this or that, or ‘in’ someone or something.  We see this from ‘outside’ at first.  But then against all expectation their belief is confirmed (He does come back, there is a ghost).   THEN we find that the person was only pretending all the time (To get attention?  To save face?) and is as surprised as anyone else.  THEN we find in fact this is just the result he/she DIDN’T want.
Child story about the secret friend who isn’t real, and yet is real in a different way
Write  the opening of a poem/story/play/memoir about someone in a state of delusion.  They could be logical in their belief, but mistaken about facts, or you could create an inner world of voices, ‘devils’, and fantasy.  Try to avoiding SAYING it’s a delusion

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