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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Creative Writing Workshop

 Work for Week 2 Autumn

Think about one piece of work you’re doing or have in mind, or need to organise.   Concentrate on thinking of it as a whole.  This whole could be an entire book of stories, poems, memoirs, a novel,  or just one short piece.   

Write a plan of it.  You  can make up your own kind of plan, or you can make use of Labov’s scheme.   If you’re short on inspiration have a go at my dog and chickens story as YOU might have experienced it,  or at a modernised fairy story.

Next time be ready to read what you’ve done.  That could be reading the plan (let me have a copy and I can make a copy for ev everyone);   or it could be the piece itself, or a bit of it if it’s very long plus a summary of the rest.

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