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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Prints I Left Behind Me! 18th October 2011


An unknown model, posed, half sits, half lies,
her flowing contours etching deep within
the movements of the artist's hand and eyes,

until her image, line by line, was there
upon the sketch book page beneath his pen.
Around him, life continued, unaware.

That night, the tilted shutters of his blind
were backdrop, as her ghostly form appeared.
In shades of grey she lingered in his mind..

Night Boat

steers his patient craft
through the dusk,
a beacon
brighter than My Lady Moon
who has yet to rise.

Rhythmic wash
of waves on pebbles
weaves around
chugging sound
of ferryboat melody,
a symphonic poem.

listen to its voice,
saying all's well in their world
where sea is master.