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Monday, 5 December 2011

and letting ideas merge ‘by themselves’

Write a journal.     This should be a description of something that happened on a  particular day, but should also include some sort of insight or understanding that you have been lead to.    So each day should be a self-contained prose poem or verse poem or flash story.

This means that you begin by just jotting down all the details of something you think worth remembering, or that you’d like to let your grandchildren know about.      Then you work on this from the point of view of  getting it clear,  involving the senses,  telling the story effectively, and so on and from concentrating very hard on how things happened you wait for an insight to come which ties them all up.   Try not to force yourself into an interpretation.  Let it come from your reading of your own work as if you were someone else.

You might then want to look at all the days and see if there’s some common theme running through them, something you may not have been aware of while making each entry

You might want to keep it as a true journal, or when you’ve finished, you might want to turn it into fiction.  

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