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Monday, 3 December 2012

    Work for Next Term
                                                session to be based on ‘using models’

Write an imaginary answer phone message
to someone who has not answered your call.   This could be a tsunami of abuse, or love,  an explanation of why you did or didn’t do something, an apology, a delicate piece of news,  a wonderful/awful piece of news,  instructions as to how to activate the bomb.
Think of it as a radio piece so you will need occasionally to have some background noises such as someone at the door,  the kettle squealing,  a lover snoring on the pillow.
Of course the call could be interrupted dramatically by the called person appearing – with something for you, pointing a gun at you,  naked,  as a ghost, an angel.
Who are you calling:  the person who has never ‘answered your call’.

Write a piece based on The Ugly Duckling
Millionaire looks back on school days, bullied for weakness, unsporty,  mocked  for academic slowness (sloth), but how it all changed.  How clever he’s been, now an OBE.  But are there nasty secrets?   Is he really a ‘swan’.  Is there something  in his early upbringing that drove him but which is still unresolved, unfulfilled?

Write an imaginary interview
The reader comes in on the interview without knowing what it’s for.  He has to suss that out from the questions and answers.  Is the interview a possible employer?   A detective?   A solicitor?  A wronged husband/wife?  A younger self?  An interrogator? A sex slaver?  A representative of God?  Satan?

Write a letter explaining to a spouse or lover why they are no longer fit for purpose (and a reply?)
In the letter you mention their shortcomings, but also what emerge, unwittingly, are your own shortcomings.  You could explain how foolish it would be to carry out that melodramatic threat of murdering you.  You could offer them inducements to such as money or possessions. 
      Or you could just let them have it full blast.   But why is your hand shaking?  Are those tears on the page?

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