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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


The narrator meets someone once close to him/her a long time ago.

Things to think about

·         What was the connection?   
This would affect

·         What are the overall reactions to seeing each other unexpectedly (or perhaps expectedly, unavoidably)
Overdone friendliness as a kind of avoidance

·         How the common past is broached/narrated, the occasion

o   ‘Do you remember?’ is possible but could sound clunky
 Scenes or objects could prompt a shared recollection.  How does the other respond to that?  At first almost as if he/she doesn’t recognize it.  Later it’s clear he/she has recognised it

o   Flashbacks in the mind of the narrator as they talk
You could have sudden descriptions, perhaps in the present tense,
completely irrelevant to the here and now of the conversation, done perhaps as ‘stream of consciousness’.
Perhaps only this and no ‘admission’ of anything but acquaintance in the whole conversation

o   Cut to  the former time in a new section of the text so that suddenly we realize they do know each other
and what happened.   Then cut back to their avoiding all mention.  Perhaps they want to but can’t

·            The narrator is in fact dreaming it all.   Is this some kind of mystical call from the other?  Obviously need to avoid, if you can stating that it’s a dream.

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