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Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn 2014

Themes and Techniques

We'll continue discussing the work you're engaged on.   I'll try, where possible, to focus the discussion a little more so that we, as it were, 'look for' different qualities each time, for example

  • How does writer represent feelings? 
    •  in terms of physical actions
    •  indirectly in terms of images
    •  explicitly in 'she felt'
    •  in wording of dialogue

And so on.

I'll be introducing some thoughts about 

  • the theme of love -  different kinds of love, different views of these.   
  •  techniques of 'suggestion'.    We all need to spend a bit more time on this, I think -  ways of putting a thought/feeling/idea 'into the reader's head' i in such a way that he/she has to also think of it, and about it, for him/herself.

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