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Monday, 16 February 2015

  Chichester Group

Homework:   thinking about the ins and outs of a possible story-line (whether in a story, poem, drama, novel),  Here's a sort of summary 

Image result for baby on doorstepMum, Dad I’ve found out that I’m not fact your biological child.

Confrontation scene:   Why didn’t you tell me?   You didn’t know?   One of you didn’t know?   One of you did?   Was it adultery?  Who is uncle Brian, anyway?  Was I stolen from a pram?   Mix-up in the hospital?  Chucked away?   Adoption?

First there’s the three of them in this conversation.

Then there’s a flashback in the mind of one parent as they look out of the window and timelessly see a deed.   

Then there’s a flashback in the mind of the other parent seeing or hearing or overhearing something.

No, the child didn’t mean it.  April fool.   Or did he/she?   Or is it in fact true?  
Tests in the offing?   Destruction of relationships?   Don’t worry Mum, don’t worry dad: it doesn’t matter.

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