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Thursday, 5 March 2015


        Journeys: shopping


Shopping is a kind of journey.    Write a diary sketch of a shopping trip.  It can be for something trivial, such as matches,  or more serious, such as a car (or husband), or it can be a new kind of shopping like bargaining in an African market          

You don’t need to turn it into a full short story, but somehow you’ve got to think about shopping.   Something  about this particular
shopping trip. 

Why is the item important to you?  What worries you about the shop?  Is it the assistant you really want to see?

Or you might,  perhaps in a poem, think about how all that week’s work has somehow ‘turned into’ the thing you’ve bought, and and each bite you eat.

Or you might want to think of the situation of a person who is very poor and can’t afford what her family needs.

Or you might look at shopping more generally and think some luxury being advertised on tv, and then about starving children way off, or about the very rich,  or about the Earth being polluted by what they called ‘consumerism’.

Read James Joyce’s story, Araby, where the young man goes to buy something at the fair just so that he can bring it back for a girl he likes.

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