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Friday, 27 March 2015

(1)  Mirrors:  theme for next term
(2)  College:  thinking about form




·        You or a character’s reflection in a mirror,   or metaphorically in someone or something else
·        The mirroriness of ponds, windows, windows, ice, polished steel, eyes
·        Mirrors of the self
·        Halls of mirrors, distorting mirrors
·        Mirror neurons and if we don’t have them we are autistic
·        Magic mirrors
·        False or distorted mirrors
·        Mirages,  Miracles

"to reflect," 1590s, from mirror (n.). Related: Mirrored; mirroring. The Middle English verb mirouren (early 15c.) meant "to be a model" (for conduct, behavior, etc.), while miren (mid-14c., from Old French mirer) meant "to look in a mirror."
early 13c., from Old French mireoir "a reflecting glass, looking glass; observation, model, example," earlier miradoir (11c.), from mirer "look at" (oneself in a mirror), "observe, watch, contemplate," from Vulgar Latin *mirare "to look at," variant of Latin mirari "to wonder at, admire" (see miracle). Figurative usage is attested from c.1300. Used in divination since classical and biblical times; mirrors in modern England are the subject of at least 14 known superstitions, according to folklorists. Belief that breaking one brings bad luck is attested from 1777. The Spanish cognate, mirador (from mirar "to look, look at, behold"), has come to mean "watch tower." Mirror ball attested from 1968.

The end of the text mirrors the beginning, in events, in wording, in ideas



Integrate these passages from different papers so that they form part of a story or poem.  You don’t have to use all of each one, but try as possible to use the same wording with as small a changes as you can manage.


Coffee. It takes a good hour for me to wake up – I’m a slow waker-upper. I take as much time as I can. Today, I’m going to a hospital to visit some kids, so I need to get myself together for that. It does more for me than it does for them, I’m sure. I just talk to them or I’ll bring them little trinkets or something.


Sometimes it’s that promise of reconciliation that gets us through. Learning our ex is already with someone else takes that hope away and can be very hard to bear.
Thinking of a break up in terms of a trauma, or bereavement, may sound overly dramatic. But very often is an accurate description.
Recognising and treating a break up as such is one way to help you cope. Especially if you’re being encouraged by others to downplay any shock or hurt you’re experiencing.


But her secret was discovered when the boy’s mother bugged his bedroom to record their intimate phone conversations.  Richards, a highly respected Jehovah’s Witness, sobbed yesterday as a court heard how she “groomed” the boy.   But she walked free when a judge told her she had escaped a three-year jail term by pleading guilty.
The regular church-goer and the schoolboy had sex in October 2012 after she had a blazing row with her husband, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard.
“Mrs Richards was in her bedroom upset and crying, “ said Roger Griffiths, prosecuting.
During their relationship she gave him alcohol and asked him to give her massages
Roger Griffiths, prosecuting
“The boy and Mrs Richards’s son went in to stop her from crying and were supportive.
“But her son left and Richards started kissing the boy which led to full sexual intercourse.
“Mrs Richards was in her nightie, the boy was in his clothes.
"She was astride him.

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