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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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    On not belonging

We’ve all had the experience of not belonging.  This may be temporary as when by mistake we find ourselves in a party run by the BNP.   We are surrounded by people who think totally differently from ourselves, and may be nervous about expressing our dislike.   Or we may not belong in a more permanent way.  For some reasons we may not, or no longer, belong to our family, friends, schoolmates.  We may feel unhappy about this, or we may feel superior and glad.  Or our not belonging may simple be that we are strangers, in a foreign 
country perhaps.

 Not belonging makes us notice things.  It’s sometimes said that writers need to put themselves into the position of strangers, even when they’re not,  so that they can see the ordinary and everyday in a fresh way.

This exercise is on not belonging.   Write something in which the speaker doesn’t belonging in some way, and try to show how this comes out in what happens to them, or what they do.   

Image result for not belonging        Image result for not belonging    Image result for not belonging

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