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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Using concrete imagery to express ideas

What is/might be suggested by these examples

·       Christina lifted her chin higher as she replied
·       A large shiny of beetle crept out from between his lips
·       Her diamond on her necklace was cut into the form of a swastika
·       She looked quickly away.   He wore nothing but a stiff white collar and bow tie.
·       “I am Theresa May!” she announced, slipped and lay for a moment in the puddle.
·       “We don’t talk about boyfriends at table!”

The Resolution

Write the outline of a story or poem up to the resolution.  
For example,  a single mother hears that her daughter is in danger of being snatched at a party.   She rushes to the venue and just manages to get there in time to see a man walking with her to his car.   She grabs the girl away just in time.   But then. . . .

          An old man is told that there’s a huge escaped zoo-animal in the area.   He should lock all his      doors and if the beast should break in looking for food, climb up into the attic and wait until it           has gone.   The beast does come, and does break in, but when the old man comes downstairs the next morning. . .

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