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Friday, 9 March 2018


Loss of Love for Someone

This could happen in different ways
I used to love you.  Now I don’t  love you.   So what’s happened? 
Have you done something to hurt me? 
Has something happened to change things?
Have I realised you weren’t the person I thought you were?
I’m bored with you?  
Have I realised I didn’t really love you in the first place?
Have I changed my idea of what ‘love’ is?

An I telling myself this because you’ve stopped loving me?

What kind of love is it?
A kind of ‘romantic’ love to do with physical attraction
Love that’s not primarily to do with physical attraction
Love between mother or father and child
Non-sexual love, say between friends
Love of God
One kind of love may, of course, change into another -  for example as married people grow older or ‘grow together’

Write a fictional letter or diary entry in which someone explains how they no longer love someone else.
            Or the ditched one’s letter or diary entry in        response.
How can you make the piece into a whole, that is, with an end which pulls everything together and yet is unexpected?   Not just ‘April fool!’

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