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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Work for Next Time: the opening

Decide where you are going to start your story.
 Remember this means thinking about the story as as a whole

Try out at least two openings

  At the natural beginning of events (usual followed by unusual plus problem)
  At another point in the story

For example
In my Dog and Chickens story I could start in the way I outlined it
John goes to the pond for clay, and George chases the chickens
                        Or I could start with the crises
Mr Leighton the policeman knocks at the door and John is guilty and terrified

                   Types of Opening
             There’s the philosophical kind of opening which intrigues the   reading:
 ‘The past is another country….’

                    There’s  the dramatic kind of opening which starts with action
‘He woke up. There was tiger sitting at the end of his bed.’

There’s the calm opening with ordinary everyday opening which puts questions in the reader’s mind.  
‘He came down to breakfast and again noticed her slip something into the pocket of her robe.’

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