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Thursday, 19 January 2012




Write a passage (any genre) in which the narrator conveys something of their own attitudes and character but at the same time focus attention on someone else, whom we can call the ‘subject’.    The passage might be a would-be lover talking about their angel/devil/prey, describing another person in a way that shows/betrays ulterior motives, or naïve admiration, or indeed a capacity of shrewd analysis.
   Or the narrator may be describing someone they have good reason to fear and be talking to someone they know is a friend of this feared person, and so saying all the ‘right’ things   Or the narrator may be genuinely absorbed in this other person and identify with them, as perhaps a parent might be with a child.  (Imagine a whole short story of baby-talk).
 The character and attitudes of the narrator should NOT be conveyed by providing information about them, but ithrough the way they talk about the ‘subject’.

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