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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Work for Week 7

Atmospheric voice
Created a disembodied suddenly hear in a dark bedroom.  Make it sound strange or otherworldly or quietly threatening by the way you handle the ‘music’ of the voice, perhaps also by using selected repetition (of your name, of the word ‘yes’,  of a little hummed bit of tune)  or an odd foible of speech, (perhaps archaic or in a fashion of yesteryear, or a jingle).  Try to avoid explaining the reaction of the listener,  although the listener may ask or answer questions but not dominate the encounter.  The listener should not say ‘Who are you?’  or ‘What do you want?’

Write a passage in which the voice creates an atmosphere, perhaps of mystery.   For example, lying in your bedroom you year

·         The voice of a past lover
·         The voice of the stranger on the train this afternoon
·         The voice of a child you’ve never met, or lost at birth
·         The voice of the tempter
·         The voice of your unwelcome other secret self
·         The voice of a prophetic cat

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