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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Work for Week 6 : place, time, history


Write about a place or object or person from the point of view of time.   You could write about

·        a ruin, or ancient object
·        a historical site or building
·        a piece of cave art
·        ‘going back’ to a place of childhood, actually or mentally
·        the home of someone you’ve read about
·        a place or building about to be destroyed
·        a graveyard
·        an centuries old tree
·        an two hundred year old beast – parrot, tortoise
·        a tune setting off associations
·        an old person described
·        nostalgia
·        stream of consciousness of someone with dementia

In poetry  (including prose poetry) you might think about the ‘elegy’ in which you mention what the place was once like, who its people were, how it must have felt to live there.

You could write a story with a historical setting or centred on an ancient object.

You could write a ‘going back’ story – back to a scene of childhood, place of first love,  a triumph -  which ends on some discovery – a trinket,  a realisation

Below are the titles of the pix I put on the handout, but can't upload here
 Napoleon       200 year oldTortoise          Fishbourne Palance              Bartle’s forge


    Tollund Man                      Model T Ford                                 Boxgrove Priory

     18th c loom                                Kipling’s House                Queen Victoria’s pants

       Humphry Davey         Nelson’s The Victory         The stars

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