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Tuesday, 29 May 2012



Write about someone at their place of work,  bringing the place of work to life, and making use of personal experience to bring things down to nitty gritty details.     This could be the basis of a story in which the place of work forms the setting and some work conflict makes the story-line.

Avoid 'preaching',  but at the same time try to show the way that particular details of the person's day to day work have a bearing on a wider world, perhaps an international world.  This is best done through suggestion, imagery,  that by authorial opinion (which always runs the risk of sounding opinionated or not be informed enough about wider political or other issues.

You could describe working as a waiter or a waitress,   as an aid worker in a poor African country
somehow getting personally involved, as a skilled worker such as a carpenter,   as teacher or nurse feeling various pressures from idiots above,   as a solicitor coming up against high level corruption,  as an rock singer finding him/herself being 'manufactured',  or of course as a semi-divine poet having close intercourse with the angels.

This is a useful exercise as it's usually a good idea to make your writing - whatever genre - 'mean' a bit more than it 'says'.

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  1. Thanks for these ideas Pen. You have lifted me out of the mire I was bogged down in for our writing group. Wonderful ideas - Dave