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Thursday, 19 July 2012


Next session we'll be thinking about beginning to write a book.  This can be as short as you like - a pamphlet with one story or a couple of poems - or it can be a whole novel or play or autobiography.

We'll also be thinking about the theme of the journey -  the journey, river, road, of life, to hell, and so on; it could be a journey back to origins, to a hotel with lustful intentions,  to the top of a mountain,  to understanding,  to work.   We'll also think about the use of personal experience to get ideas, using it in such a way as it doesn't sound embarrassing or exhibitionist, or even autobiographical.   

The following quotation is from a medieval play called Everyman, which is about a journey and about personal experience.

You've got a long journey to make.
So bring your account book with you.
Come on.  there's no turning back now.
And make sure it's accuratebecause you'll answer to God, and showyour many bad deeds, and few good ones,and how you've spent your life.
You're to appear before the Lord of  Paradiseand he won't want to hear any excuses.

But I'm really not ready for such a reckoning.What sort of messenger are you, anyway?

I am Death.

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