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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Work for Week Six


This is where you make the reader think or feel something without actually mentioning it.    For example you can give the reader an idea that one character mistrusts another by the way in which he/she speaks to him/her.

Suggestion is useful in drawing the reader in so that they have to, as it were, 'share' making the meaning of the text with you, and so being 'in it.  It is gives the reader some freedom to interpret the meaning in their own way.  And sometimes it is the only way of expressing a complicated set of feelings which could only be over simplified if you tried to spell them out

Think of a way in which you can end a story or poem, or just a passage, by suggesting
what the point is, not spelling it out.

Try to apply this where you can to your ongoing work.

If you’re stuck think about

Use the image of a dog barking to come in at night to throw light on a very short story or poem or prose poem in which the speaker looks back at an unhappy children in which he/she felt rejected

A scene in which a man is  rejecting a woman,  but we the readers can tell  by your representation of the scene that in fact he loves her

End a passage or story with a sentence with throws light on what has been happening, but in an indirect way.   “She was amazed when she looked out of the window to see a snake sliding fast across the lawn”

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