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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Work for Week Five

Sorting out the problem: the resolution                                                                                                    This is where you bring things to an end.  It could be a happy ending where the problem is solved.  It could be an  unhappy ending where the problem is solve through someone’s suffering or death. It could be a psychological    ending where the main character suddenly understands things in a different way

     A ‘turn’                                                                                                                                                         The end needs to provide some sort of surprise, but this surprise must be fitting.   This usually means that the r       reader has been assuming something all along and suddenly he/she realises at the end that that assumption was     wrong.  

     Adding the Resolution to our Previous Plan

   Single mother and teenage son as he comes home from school. Through conversations, details in the           house,we learn some of their routine,  including her boy-friend.

She intends to ask the boyfriend to move in.  He’s very upset at the idea,  has put up with him for Mum’s sake but doesn’t like him. Now feels    ‘home’ is about to be destroyed.

What should he do?   Possibly arrange to move out,  or they might have a heart to  heart when he asks her not to bring him into   the house, or there could be a row, or he could make life difficult for him when he does move in.   Or a combination of  some of these

   Possible Resolutions:
The boyfriend could turn out to be the boy’s real father,   something the boy finds out,        
 perhaps after he has left the house and is far off in India.  We cut many years to the boy’s late middle age when he discovers letters, or  something else,   which lead him to see how unhappy his mother was  at his leaving,  and he meets her again and there’s a reconciliation.  (Could start the story with this  meeting and do the story as recollection)
 Something happens to bring the boy and his mum’s boyfriend together: the latter  makes some sacrifice to save his mum in a crisis    The boy discovers the boyfriend is no

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