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Monday, 2 June 2014

   Shaping a Text:   Work for Week Six  


Write the next bit of this story, and then map briefly how it will continue and end.   Something which is not usual has to happen.

I walked to the bus stop and waited.   There were the usual people there.   The guy with the big black bag and bald head,  the children – brother and sister by the look of it – with their school things.   The bus curved in to us.   The same driver with his great big broom of a moustache, the bus as usual almost empty.  

I showed him my season ticket and went to the back as I always do.   A slam and a jerk and off we went.    


Here are two pages from the children's story, Tuesday,  by David Wiesner.   Try to write an equivalent in words of what you SEE, without explaining anything.   

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  1. That first illustration intrigued me, and I've been trying to understand your request for 'no explanation, only words'... How do mine measure up. I wonder?

    "Moon-silver coats croak-back songs while night mists blow smoke rings through hollow logs, and rushes shiver-dance a duet with the breeze."

    Or is that only explanation, even though it's what I see?