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Friday, 17 October 2014

Work on Love of a Child

Complete this story in your own way.   Below  is just a plan, or suggested plan, not part of the story.  You have to do everything in your own words.

It’s wartime.   A child is send away from the town to be safe from the bombs.  The mother sees him/her off at the station.

Cut now to the mother going home, stopping the park, seeing some children playing in the park, some of them her child’s friends.  You have to show how she already misses the child.

Cut now to the child watching familiar bits of the town from the train window, then going into the countryside,  thinking what Mum and Dad and friends will be doing at home now.

Cut back to teatime when the father comes home and they talk about the situation and try to comfort each other.  You need to have dialogue here to show the tenderness (or lack of it) in the way they speak.

The child arrives at the station goes to the house, meets the person who’s to house mother them.  What’s she like?

Perhaps during the night Mum has second thoughts and decides to go and bring him/her back.   She could tell her husband and there could be a row.  She could just go without telling him.

Or the child has decided to hop off the train and come back and suddenly appears at home, or is caught without a return ticket.

Or the train could hit an unexploded bomb.

Or, or, or ?????

to avoid clichés
not to repeat information
to use dialogue to

·         show the feelings not tell them – at least most
of the time
·         Show the character, how they interact
·         Push the story forward

Think about
Point of view:  who is telling the story,  the child?  Mum?  You?
The end which must be nature and surprising at the same time

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