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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

       Week Four
     Jealousy, envy

Write a piece –  it needn’t be complete -  in which you show jealousy.   Mostly likely this will be one person observing another, or thinking about another.  You’ll have to be careful not to fall into clichés.  A difficult  form of jealousy is where the person of whom the character is jealous is indeed cleverer, better looking, more deserving and so on.    Perhaps think about the difference between  
jealousy and envy.

Munch:  Jealousy

Or you could tell it from the point of view of the envied person.

It’s often claimed by the super-rich, or just the ordinary rich even, that those who cry for social justice and equality are really just envious/jealous of those who have made itworked hard, dedicated themselves.

Some jealousy, such as sexual jealousy, turns itself into violence.  If you removed the wife’s or husband’s lover then the jealousy is removed.    But then will you be jealous of his/her grief?

Sometimes, as in Thomas Hardy’s The Tramp Woman’s Tragedy,  the jealousy may be deliberately provoked just to wind up the partner – in in this poems kills the not-really rival.

Sibling jealousy occurs a lot of tales and literature.   Is this insecurity?  

Sometimes the jealousy is illusory?   It’s a matter of the insecurity of the person feeling it?  

Then of course there is the terrible condition of ‘penis envy’  which apparently all women suffer from.

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