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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Work for Week Three -  Omega Centre

Finish the story

In class we did the opening of a story by describing a character having breakfast, and giving an impression of the sort of person he/she is by describing details of his/her breakfast and the room.    This is his ordinary everyday life.

We then had him go out to work, and when he does something very disturbing happens.  This disturbs the ordinary and everyday routine and also creates a problem which s/he must solve.

Your task now is to complete the story by describing how s/he deals with the situation and how the problem is resolved.      You need to end with a surprise of some kind.

You don’t need to complete the story, just bring what you’ve got done for us to discuss and make suggestions



Bob comes down dressed thinking about what he's going to when he tells his boss that he's going to leave work to becoming a writer.  He prepares a vegetarian breakfast with enough for his wife.   He thinks sadly about how wrong things have gone in his marriage and how resentful of Joan he is. 

Then he takes his wife's plate upstairs, pushing opening the door with his foot, and to his horror sees a man pointing a gun at him, his wife crying with fear.

The man asks whether he should should Bob or his wife.   He has to choose.    

What does Bob do?   Can be reason with the man?   Who does he turn out to be?

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