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Monday, 18 January 2016


Spring 2016

This terms' work is on Hiding, Finding, Discovering.  We take these literally but also metaphorically.  We find an old wedding ring in the mud even when we were not looking for it. We search for a lost wedding ring very deliberately and never find it, but we discover something.

We hiding ourselves.  We find ourselves,  or somebody else.    A story always has something hiding in it.  And then the author leaves us to discover what it is at the end.   A poem has a truth which we find as we write it.  

Think of this them, a young child exploring a garden or a wood.  They have never seen a stag beetle before, or an earth worm, or a mole hill, let alone a mole.    All these things are as new to the child as they must have seemed to Adam and Eve.   One of the skills in writing is to make what seems ordinary no longer ordinary.  To make it suddenly fascinating and strange.

Child Discovering the Garden

Write what it’s like for a child to discover things in the garden or some other  outdoor place.
You need to describe the strangeness of what the child finds, becauset o him/her it’s  as if they’ve just be created

This is an exercise in observation, noticing, and hence



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