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Friday, 22 January 2016

January 22 2016

Discovering something
about a Loved One

An obvious way of doing this would be to go in for some ‘guilty secret’, but of course it the secret could be something they’d kept out of modesty, or because of the pain talking about it causes them.   Or it could be just talking to someone and finding the joy of intimacy with them, confiding things, being trusted with their thoughts.

Suppose you found that your mother had once worked as a trapeze artist in the circus?    Or your father had a medal for bravery?   Or at last you’ve found someone whom you can tell about a really terribly embarrassing experience in your youth?

Sometimes we find out things about loved ones after they are dead, perhaps going through their things.  We might find some simple thing like a cheap present you bought for them one day the seaside, but kept ‘for ever’.  

There are awful things too, of course, a letter from a friend, never sent, but confessing  they had never really loved you, but stayed out of ‘friendship’ or duty.    You could build a story out of this, going through the celebration of an anniversary/funeral,  friends, speeches, gifts, and then this discovery right at the end.

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