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Monday, 3 April 2017

Spring Term: week 8

Realising you are alive -  and just once

A moment that comes suddenly upon when

·      looking at something or someone
·      realising what’s just happened
·      you’ve narrowly escaped
·      ‘seeing’ someone for the first time
·      thinking about ‘afterlife’
·      what you will be reincarnated as
·      seeing the moon through binoculars

Week 9

Realising how blind  you’ve been, or someone else has been

Write something about now in relation to the past.  Something way back which, you realise now but didn’t realize then.   It could be how unhappy your mother or father must have been, or how little you appreciated a certain place you lived in,   help someone gave you.  Or you may realize by a chance remark,  a discovered letter, how much someone cared for you (or didn’t like you!).  

You may discover that your mother or father or husband or wife never realized how important art, or a certain place, or they themselves, were was to you.   


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