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Thursday, 18 May 2017

You can open at the ‘natural’ beginning of the story, or you can jump to a later point and find ways of letting the reader know what has happened.   
You can start with narration or with dialogue
You can start with observation of the main character, and/or with his/her thoughts

Imagine a story or a poem or play about someone who thinks they are being spied on.     She’s found something in the shed.  She does in fact have a very guilty secret.    She decides to hide near the shed that night.   
Where would you start this?    Think of at least TWO possibilities and write half a page of opening.

A child doesn’t come home from school as expected.      His  father is away in America on a business trip.   His mother starts  looking for him,  thinking there may be a school club that he hasn’t told her about.  
Think of  TWO  points at which you might start this story, and write half a page of opening

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