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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dramatic Openings

Creative a one or two sentence opening in which he establish and situation dramatically.   

For example
1       Then the snarling dogged leapt at her.
2      “I’m sorry, Albert, but I’m leaving you.  Now.”
3        The spreadeagled puppy had been nailed by each of its paws to the back door.

          Some ‘backstory’ is required.  See if you can supply some

Love Theme

Write a ‘scene’ in which a man is complaining that his wife no longer seems to love him in the way she did years ago.    It’s not an argument between them, but her trying to get him to understand that she, as it were, ‘misses’ him.  He’s always too busy for her, or not fully listening to what she is saying.  They never do anything together.
You have to decide what his response it.   Try to avoid the cliché that well he’s just an insensitive bloke.   Perhaps he hasn’t realised her feelings.   Does he feel guilty?  Or does he feel that she is overdoing it, perhaps because of some other disappointment?  
Obviously much of this is going to be dialogue, but you have to decide also whether you’re going to trace their thoughts,  which point of view you’re going to take.  Are we sharing his thoughts, hers,  or looking at them from a detached narrator’s viewpoint?
To make a story/play/narrative of this it’s probably a good idea to make their first conversation inconclusive and then let them be ‘alone’ to think, maybe ask a friend, pray, take stock of the marriage.  
You might want to relate the discussion and the relationship to some issues, such as equality.   Do they fall into gender stereotypes?   Is the way they live in some way unfair to one, or even both of them?   Are them making over idealistic assumptions about Love?


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